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The Pitch Gym Method.

Conversational pitches that power agile raising.

Get in shape for an agile raise.

The round-by-round approach seems to be on the way out in favour of a new approach to raising. 

Vibrant ventures are always willing and able to take on new investment.  
This approach is called Agile raising. If your company is always raising, that means you're always sparking conversations with people who might invest in you. 

That's why my workouts are designed to help you make a great first impression every time - with or without your deck.

Boost your pitch performance.

Don't waste time and money building a deadly deck.

Whether it's created by AI, a nice guy or DIY, a deadly deck is perfectly pleasant to look at, but there's no life in it. It gets skimmed through, and passed over.


At best, it gets summarised by an analyst - then you're relying on them to pitch you! 

It's not about the words, and it's not about the design. 

It's about how YOU present it, and where and when - and how easy you make it for the person who first encounters it to share YOUR pitch, rather than their summary of it. 

Stack the odds in your favour by working with me on some simple ways to make a great first impression, and get your pitch passed up the chain.

Work with me. 

Shoulder to shoulder, online or in person. 

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