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Pitch Gym is created by Arthur Warring


👋 I’m Arthur.

I’ve been pitching investors and high-ticket buyers for more than 20 years. I’ve personally, successfully pitched early-stage ventures ranging from...

A co-working concept called Bureau.

A MX Reality tourism guide called Mozivision.

A live co-operative gaming experience called Mission Control Mars.

My background is in entertainment – and I’ve created and successfully pitched new TV shows and films that have been funded in New Zealand, the US and UK.

I’m based in the UK, and pitch investors in UK, US and NZ.

I’ve personally raised more than $2M in pre-seed and seed funding, and I bring in high ticket sales worth even more.

I know exactly how investor pitches differ from sales pitches. And I know that every person you pitch is different.

I make it easy for you to pitch your venture, in your voice to the investors that matter to you.

The Pitch Gym Methodology

There’s no formula, but there are ways of doing things that make it much more likely for people to get back to you.

I’ll take you behind the scenes of the decision-making process, so you can understand your pitch from the point of view of the people you’re talking to.


I’ll help you give them what they need to pitch you sideways and upwards and get to yes.

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